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Letter to Ancient Scouts Founders Day 2021

To All Ancient Scouts;

Let me be honest and direct.

You like scouting. It evokes amounts of emotions, learnings, friendships, and tale and untold memories. These are precious hours of your life.

You think it's a good thing that it still exists. Not necessarily for you, but for others. That they can experience this in turn. And then for you too, for the society in which you live today and which tomorrow will be fairer, more peaceful, more fraternal with scouting than without it.

You can still be useful in Scouting. Not like before, you don't have time. We totally agree.

RASAL members are first and foremost friends of Scouting who have said yes three times above.

The alliance has a role to play in helping scouting and intends to play it. That's all.

I would like to point out from the outset that we clearly differentiate "useful" and "cumbersome". The young people are doing well and we are not going to impose ourselves. Support young people, with modesty, but also with our assets, knowledge and experience. This is the RASAL mission.

Ours, if you like.

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Happy Founders Day 2021

Olivier Habimana

Chair, RASAL

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Inteko Rusange ya mbere ya RASAL (Igice cya mbere)

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